Tucumã Butter

Vegetable silicone, hair care, antioxidant

Tucuma is a butter which is derived from tucuma palm seeds, which can be found naturally in Brazil. It shares a number of characteristics with murumuru butter, and works best when applied to hair, especially hair which is dull, frizzy, dry or damaged in some way.

Tucumã butter is rich in lauric, myristic and oleic acids. It is an excellent emollient that has high spreading power and provides silky and soft touch to the skin. It is very rich in vitamins A (vitamin A content reaches 50,000 u.i. per 100g of pulp, three times more than carrots). This high provitamin A content, especially of carotenoids, gives it a high antioxidant capacity. Also rich in B1, B2, C and pectin, an important natural fiber. It is rich in omega 3,6 and 9, behaving as an excellent moisturizer with high fat content because it contains lauric, myristic and oleic acid.

The Tucumã Butter application in skin moisturizing products, body lotions, hair care products for damaged hair.
Indicated for:
  Hair Products
  Body lotions
  Makeup bases

 High moisturizing action
 High emollient power  
Softness and silkiness

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