Tonka Faves

Its seeds have a sweet smell and are aromatic.

The scientific name of cumaru is Dipteryx odorata. The species belongs to the family of fabaceae, legumes. Cumaru is related to the baru, Dipteryx alata.

Native to the Amazon, cumaru is an aromatic and medicinal tree that exudes a pleasant scent. Its bark is smooth and yellow, its small flowers in white tones with pink tips, the fruit is fleshy (drupa) of greenish yellow with bitter taste, and its seeds are wine color, but when ripe they darken and turn black .

Cumaru seed is known as fava-tonka or fava-tonca, and has been used by perfumery since the 19th century. The active ingredient responsible for the fava-tonka scent is coumarin. The smell of fava-tonka resembles a fusion of vanilla and almond aromas.

Cardiotonic: acts as a toning of the heart
Antispasmodic: improves uterine colic
Anti-asthmatic: relieves asthma symptoms
Emenagogue: facilitates menstruation flow by decreasing menstrual cramps
Diaphoretic: stimulates sweating, contributing to body detoxification
Anti-inflammatory: Treats and fights inflammatory conditions such as wounds, canker sores and ulcers and in case of sinusitis.
Analgesic: minimizes pain states such as rheumatism and headache
Bronchodilator: Relieves pulmonary congestion in cases of flu, asthma and bronchitis

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