Breu Branco Rock

An unmistakable natural aroma of the Amazon

Chunks of incredibly aromatic Breu Branco incense resin, from the amazonian rain forest of Pará, Brazil.

Deep in the Amazon rainforest, during ancient Indian rituals, the aromatic resin of a sacred tree has been used for centuries to open the doors of memory. With a capacity of up to 20 meters, this majestic Amazon tree secretes from its bark a beautifully aromatic white resin, from which the essential oil is obtained. The plant is scientifically known by the name of Protium heptaphyllum, also known as Breu Branco. Like incense and Palo Santo, it belongs to the fragrant species of the Burseraceae family. In addition to having an incense-like but even fresher scent with a slight citrus fragrance, its chemical composition is also very similar, as are some of its properties. Not surprisingly, therefore, Protium heptaphyllum is often dubbed the “Amazon Incense.”
In the Amazon, Breu Branco resin is often burned during sacred religious and learning rituals for its soothing and concentrating properties, for its aromatic aroma that gives off a woody and somewhat musty aroma with spice notes, to brighten forest houses and repel mosquitoes and other unwanted insects. Resin has also been widely used by native tribes in their diverse traditional medicine to treat many different ailments.

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